Friday, January 14, 2005

NewLinks Gets Categories.

Sort of.

After posting about the new Technorati Tags thingummy earlier today I decided I liked it but knew our lazy very busy posters would never get around to, or quickly tire of, puting the tag links in the code by hand. Well fear not - I've saved you the job.

Our icon code generator already generates the html for icons with a single click. I've now extended the code on that page so that it creates the tag link for you. The code is finished but I need to add a title attribute to the images with a category name. This will be a gradual process as and when. Any new icons added will get entered with the category name so all new icons will already work. Any old icons without the title set will just work as normal - ie no link to a category. Talking of new icons I'll close the icon poll sometime this weekend - I've been busy. :)

I've set the title attribute on a few icons already so you can see what they do. Click on the ones below to see the category link in action.

My earlier post about tags hasn't appeared in the Blogging category yet but Bungers' Ugly Ass Fish post has appeared. However I've just realised that I'd left the rel attribute out so no wonder it hadn't appeared. Doh! Before I realised that I'd screwed up I'd emailed Technorati support about it and someone called Dave from Technorati (Dave? Technorati? Dave Sifry? Probably a coincidence but you never know!) left a comment saying they had a bug in the parsing of some tagnames. Hopefully I haven't confused the issue. Sorry.

I've just read on BoingBoing that someone called Matt has written a bookmarklet to generate the tag code for you - just type in the tagname into a text box and it generates the code for you to paste so you may want to give that a try. I'm happy with my no typing at all method. ;)

Ramble finished - I'm off to ping and test our added Technorati Taggage goodness.


bungers said...

btw We are in the Paris Hilton catagory on technorati too.. :)

Oh... and check out the number of side bar referrals for Phucket Deep Sea Creatures! Woo! And the fish with the face!

mmChronic said...

Yay for people's curiousity about all things weird. So when are we getting an ugly ass fish icon? ;)

bungers said...

hmm.. ok.. I'll do one. There's summink up with the icon page, it's not rendering properly, and I've tried it on Opera, IE and Firefox. Is it me, again..???

bungers said...

Fish icon :)

mmChronic said...

It's working fine for me. When yoo say doesn't render properly what are you actually seeing?

Your ugly ass fish icon is up.