Friday, January 14, 2005

Blogger Gets Categories


Sort of.

Technorati have launched Technorati Tags which allows you to link to a tag page in your post and the post will appear on Technorati's page for that tag. As well as blog posts the Technorati page will show Flickr images & links from with matching tags. If you use blog software that support categories you will appear on the tag page automatically. If you use Blogger then you will have to insert links manually into the post.

The extra link you put in your page looks like this
<a href="" rel="tag">tagname</a>

Just replace the tagname with the category of your choice. I don't know if you can make your own categories up or just use the available ones. It'd also be nice to be able to look at a tag page for a given blog so say you could look at NewLinks' Lego posts for example. I'll have a play with that today.

So do we like? If we do I could either write a similar bit of code to the icon generator which would generate the tag code for you or we could assign the icons to categories, change the icon code slightly and when you add an icon the tag code is automatically wrapped around it.

via boing boing.

EDIT: See here for an easy way of adding tags to your blog. Feel free to use our icons with added tag code.


ILuvNUFC said...

Whatever, all of my posts would probably come under the "misc" category anyway.

I'd just finished updating and adding a couple of new categories on my blog when i saw this post. But it's all done manually by me by updating them every weekend. A bit like hard work really.

mmChronic said...

Yeah but if I make the Lego icon automatically add a Lego tag link then every time you use a Lego icon it gets the category stuff.

It may not even work anyway. Click the Blogging link - we don't appear on that page yet. It's not that Technorati doesn't know about this post as we appear on the page showing posts that reference the Boing Boing post.

Oh we can make our own tags up as well - try this .

David said...


Sorry that your tag links haven't been pulled in yet, it is a bug we have in parsing some of the tag links. We'll get it fixed asap. And yes, you can create new tags on the fly, simply remember the TAGNAME syntax...


mmChronic said...

Hi David,

Thanks for the response. Glad to you know you are onto the problem. Hopefully we'll start appearing on teh TAG pages soon. :)

I'd already worked out the creation of a new category (see end of comment before yours) but thanks anyway.

To everyone else: That was David from Technorati after I'd emailed them about us not appearing on the tag pages. Now that's what I call support. :)

As for the automatic tag linking - I've decided I'm going to tie it to the icons somehow this w/e - so if you add an icon to the post you will get stuck in a category automatically.

bungers said...


How does the image linking work..? I've got my "uglyassfish" category, and I've set up a flickr account and I've added the tag to the photo of "uglyassfish" but I don't get an image appearing on the technorati page to go with my post!

How does it work, and what am I doing wrong..?



mmChronic said...

He's hardly going to be hanging around here to 'service' you.

You could try like I did! ;)

David said...

That should be all you need for the flickr tag to work - note that we do some caching of flickr images (between 10-30 minutes) so you may not see your photo show up right after you post it, but it should show up shortly afterwards.

Also, flickr has reported some slowdowns recently, are you sure that the tagging was successful?


bungers said...

Hi Dave,

The tag works, it's just not found the image yet.

Thanks for your comment!