Friday, January 14, 2005

Sony's Turn To Rip UK

As Bungers posted the other day the Sony PSP has a UK launch date and is available for preorder. Yay?

No not quite. Sony had apparently stated that the PSP would be below $200 in every market place. With almost $2 the the pound that's about £100 - where the fsck does £179 (approx $360!) come from? They must have forgotten to mention that the UK was going to be overcharged yet again. Either that or we have gotten so used to being swindled that we were expected to know that 'every market' meant every market except the UK. Maybe Amazon has the price wrong - but I suspect they haven't.

I'm off to live in a country that hasn't got 'Rip us off we are suckers' tattooed on it's forehead.

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