Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Sony PSP only £179.99 via NewLinks

coverYep that's right, on March the 18th you can take delivery of a shiny new Sony PSP for only £179.99

I think you should order it with a copy of the new GTA game, more news about that can be found here. We're off back to Liberty City again, but will it be CJ, or Tommy putting in an appearance?
this GTA is no mere rehash but a completely fresh game. What's more, according to Rockstar, both games are "expected to be available near the launch of the PSP handheld system in North America and Europe". With PSP due to hit the UK in March, GTA PSP could be as little as two months away from release.

mmChronic seems to have another alias, as he's already very kindly reviewed the PSP for amazon, in a post entitled Get a DS. Sony is the enemy...
Please don't buy this pathetic excuse for a handheld console. The DS is by Nintendo and therefore has Nintendo games on it. This makes it better than this peice of Sony. If you want to watch DVD's, buy a DVD player. Oh sorry, this is portable so you can watch films whilst walking down Oxford Street, for example. Of course you won't be able to see the end of a film, and if you do, you wont be able to play games on the tube home, although with the quality of PS2 games, that's probably a good thing.


mmChronic said...

I can spell piece you cheeky cnut! ;)

I've also never said PSP is/will be crap. I have said I definitely want a DS (for Mario and Zelda etc) but wouldn't say no to a PSP too.

And where's the fscking tunnel report! ;)

Anonymous said...

The PSP is a piece of crap though. Numerous reported problems with it since its launch -- sounds like a rush job.