Sunday, January 16, 2005

More Technorati Tags

As mentioned the other day I've updated the icons to do the tag code too. I've now set the categories on all the icons so any icon you now add to a post will automatically link to a tag page.

To see which category an icon is for hover your mouse over the icon and it the category will display in a tooltip. Note that only applies if you are using Firefox (and if you're not you should be) as IE displays the alt text rather than the title which is where I've stuffed the category info.

If anyone has any better suggestions for the actual categories let me know. Anyone else reading this feel free to nick the icons for your own posts on your own site - it's an easy way to add a technorati tag to a post with a click and a bit of cut and paste. After all as the interweb's premier cheapskates we are of course not paying for the image bandwidth. Yay! :)


Anonymous said...

Very cool implementation of the tags. *makes some dorky two-thumbs-up sign*

- Andrea

mmChronic said...

I've just realised I've unimplemented the tags. I was buggering about with the script to make it work better on IE. The last version I pasted in last night hasn't got the tag titles set up - DOH!

I'll fix that tonight when I get home.

mmChronic said...

Update: Until I get home later I'm adding title info to the icons on an ad hoc basis for posts I want to do. If you want an icon 'tagged' before you post let me know via email.

mmChronic said...

The tagged icons are back.