Sunday, January 16, 2005

iBod - pr0n for your iPod

Now that mmChronic has given his Seal of Approval™ to the shuffle, and even toys with the iDea of an iMac mini, perhaps this will make him consider the iPod photo...

playboy has a rather nice collection of soft focus, beautiful lay-dees in various states of undress that you can download for free onto your computater and transfer to your iPod photo.

Download them here, now!

There are now two sets, each containing 25 photos which are about as smutty as the one on the left, so you could show them all to your granny without causing much offence.


Oh, erm, the legal shizzle... that's Ines Alecsandra photographed by George Georgiou for, and it's copyright by them. Please don't sue use for using your image! It's promotional! Woo! Anyway, me and Hugh go waaaaaaaay back.. ;)


Flip said...

half nekked laydees on New Links...???!!!

Is the world about to end..?

Tsk tsk...lowering ya self to Flip's

Nice pic :P

mmChronic said...

I think our commercial manager has given up on the Guardian demographic and we are now targeting Sun readers.

Flip said...

This could be war :P

Good move though...I tried for the WW2 history/travel crowd with my scribblings of a trip to Auschwitz and stats dipped by 75%...I put up a babe and up by 50%...

Don't figure...or maybe it does...hehe...

I really should post today...I'll love for something Sun/Grauniad-ish

mmChronic said...

Well I reckon with going for the less enlightened Sun readership it'll be easier to sell them... well anything really.

I'm off to do an advert for the iChav.