Monday, January 17, 2005

PSP - Now you see it, Now you don't

Did everybody preorder their Sony PSP from Amazon via the NewLinks special offer? If not you've missed out as that page has been withdrawn. Spooky eh?

Engadget aren't speculating on the reason for it's disappearance as they don't live in the UK so it doesn't affect them. I do so I'm more than willing to speculate on it.

Is it because:
A) Sony went light when they found out that Amazon had revealed their secret plans to rip off the UK and ordered Amazon to withdraw the page on pain of getting no stock to sell.
B) Amazon made a mistake and pulled the page a soon as they realised what had happened.
C) We all imagined it.

I think I'll go for A.

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Anonymous said...

PSP battery life reports are far from encouraging... I think I'd rather have a DS...