Tuesday, December 07, 2004


We've talked about having a 'Now Playing' type thing for a while so you can see how bad / good our taste in music is. With Audioscrobbler we can do that and a whole lot more. They provide plugins for various media players which report back what you are playing. Eventually it will have records of your favourite artists and tracks. These can then be displayed via RSS or used to find similar music (by comparing your details against other peoples. It even has access to a personalised radio station LastFM which, taking note of what you like, chooses tracks accordingly.

After a bit of fscking about with the keychain doobries on the imacopod on my desk I now have the iTunes plug in installed and my data can be seen here. Of course it now means I've got to fix all the track names where they imported into iTunes incorrectly (eg one punk compilation has the artist / title switched) and delete all the really dodgy shite that you always find lurking on compilations as Audioscrobbler seems to count even a skipped track.

via Christine @ Supermum who actually credited us with the link but I can't find it on here! Situation remedied. :)


christine said...

Yes I couldn't find it either, God knows who I got it from, but clearly I feel that I get my shiniest links from you.

Audioscrobbler is exciting though, I love mine, name there is no1typo if anyone cares

mmChronic said...

Feel free to credit us with anything you post in future! ;)

I'm very impressed with AudioScrobbler - and I've only looked at the feed stuff so far.