Sunday, January 16, 2005

Calm Down Dear Esure Remix Follow Up

We've had loads of hits for the Calm Down Dear Esure Remix video but atm Google has it still listed on the front page. The vast majority of people get to the front page and, find it's not there and leave. Well for those of you too stupid to understand what archives are for try here. It's worth persevering for as I've updated it to add a new source for the video as the original has gone - the version of the NewLinks front page cached in Google still has just the old dead link on.

Tsk tsk - these interwebs are getting full of very stupid and/or(delete as applicable) lazy people. And to think the web is supposed to be the idiot friendly front end to the internet. ;)


Anonymous said...

Wheeeeeeee, I made that video!

Just to let you know, the original source died because the guy hosting it owed a lot of money in bandwidth as a result of all its viewers.

If you want another source for the file:
(hopefully that should stop the annoying questions)

Thanks to everyone who's watched it and written about it :)

--Josh (JAKAZiD)

mmChronic said...

Hi Josh,

Excellent video - you've turned the most annoying tv commercial into a very funny meme!

We've already got that second link listed as I saw the original (follow the link in the main post text) died fairly quickly and we still had lots of people coming to find it. I couldn't disappoint them so I found that second source not long after. :)

Anonymous said...

im loving the remixes, specially da cillit bang one!!! r u jades brother? xxx

Origin said...

Great video. This and the Cillit Bang remix made me laugh. Hilarious :D