Monday, January 24, 2005

Follow up : Suicide bomber sells VW Polo

Quick story on who's behind the suicide bomber VW advert that we had on here last week from the Grauniad.

Hoax ad takes internet by storm

Tinternet police have been informed!

please vote on which Officer Crabtree you prefer, winner goes into the icon selector :)


mmChronic said...

As we predicted VW distance themselves, blame ad agency and reap benefit of lots of free publicity.

If VW really are disgusted (which I doubt - Ford made exactly the same sounds with "their" decapitated cat advert) then they should sue the makers for bringing their brand into disrepute or something.

bungers said...

That's what it says they're considering... if you read the story.. ;)

Which 'allo 'allo icon do you prefer...? That's the question!!

(did you see we're virtually top in every form of Google search for this story too..? :)

mmChronic said...

I did read the story. If you read my comments I'm suggesting they won't sue because it was really them in an indirect fashion. This is just more spin on the story.

The truncheon one - as it looks like he's fapping. Rather appropriate for a comedy that was a load of wank.

Merg said...

Heeyyyy... I liked 'Allo 'Allo.

Scantily clad women (including the basque wid der liddle swastikas), bad catchphrases and silly accents -- what's not to like?

Sadly, I think comedy's dead. The 70's and 80's brought us some real classics... and now.. um... My Life In Film is okayish... and 2 Pints has had the odd decent ep (but is now in its final season, and thinks it's a soap opera...).

Coupling was good but the cast are all so busy that doing another 6 episodes seems tricky.

One thing I like about US shows -- they do big seasons. I know why we just do 6-8 usually but when it's a good show, one really does wish there were more. Granted, the USians have big writing teams where as British stuff tends to be just one or two people, but still...

Oh, for a third season of Spaced ...

mmChronic said...

Just get spaced - any comedy seems ok then.

'Allo 'Allo is shite - it relied on unfunny accents to provide humour. At least Sellers did it first and added crazy stunts to the accent. If you want basques get the Ann Summer's Catalogue on DVD.

Excellent comedies from recent years would include Little Britain (though not so much the new series), League of Gentlemen, Shameless (more comedy drama but...) and I know there've been a few more - but you know my memory is cack.

Maybe I need a 2Gb flash stick for a head dump.

ILuvNUFC said...

Comedy, obviously, was better in the 70's and 80's. To suggest comedy is dead now, I think, is wrong. There has been lots of good comedy in the last 10-15 years. I'm remembering The League of Gentlemen, The Office, The Royle Family and much much more. I can't get away with 2 pints, I think it's awful.

mmChronic said...

The Office - how did I forget that? I think 2 Pints is ok - was definitely better in earlier series though.

And the 70s/80s probably were a golden age for British comedy - but I definitely wouldn't include 'Allo in any 'All of Fame.

Merg said...

How you can critici[sz]e Allo Allo for being purely about accents and then claim Little Britain is anything but a waste of video tape is beyond me... LB has catchphrases and silly accents. That's it. It's not even funny...

As for the other shows ILN mentioned, I hated all of them. LoG - Little Britain before LB, only actually funny occasionally, which is more tha LB manages.... The Office... not funny. I've worked with people like that briefly, and I wanted to kill them. I did not want them on my TV. Royale Family's popularity is simply proof that wit is dead, IMHO, and that "my arse" is now the pinnacle of comedy genius. So, I just don't like any of the recent shows that were popular. Only Spaced and Coupling were exceptional... and Spaced looks increasingly unlikely to return, and Coupling's looking iffy too...

The recent offerings of Bez, Ideal (why is Johnny Vegas ever on TV? He can't act. Period.) and something about newspapers on ITV have all been poor and the BBC's primetime comedy is My Hero (which apparently thinks it's the TV version of Look Who's Talking now...). At least Have I Got News... is still amusing but again, it ain't what it once was.

Same with the Americans... um... Scrubs is still funny, but it's never been a "classic" show. Other than that...

This is why, to me, comedy's essentially dead. All the good stuff is old :/

As for basques, etc... such things have been a staple of British comedy for years -- look at the old seaside postcards. It's about comedy, not getting off on it. If I wanted to get off on pics (they don't really ring my bell), I've got the intarw3b.

At least we agree on the 70's/80's stuff :)

(but which 70's/80's? I loved Porridge, Open All Hours, Good Life, New Statesman, Young Ones etc. and Fawlty Towers is perhaps the greatest ever ... and Only Fools is the perrenial 80's/early 90's classic... Reggie Perrin was top stuff, too...) ... and if we include the Americans, they did good stuff then too - the early years of MASH for example.

Even the last couple of seasons of The Simpsons have been less than stellar. Oh for more Futurama (which I like better than The Simpsons anyway...)

Rant over (for now) ;)

mmChronic said...

LB has more to it than catchphrases and accents. It makes me laugh anyway. The second series is pretty much a pale shadow of the first - I thought the first was brilliant, the second OK.

LoG is sidesplittingly funny many times an episode. It's probably in my top 3 comedies along with Fawlty Towers and Some Mothers. The whole point of The Office is that it is like everybody knows but just exaggerated wildly. Which is pretty much what the best comedies, like say Fawlty Towers, do.

Other modern ones I quite like are Monkey Dust (I never done it!), the one about a backstreet pub which I can't remember the name of and erm.. that's about it.

I don't find any humour in half undressed women. I think 'ooh she looks tasty'. Like I said earlier if I wanted joke French accents I'd watch Clouseau. After that there's not a lot left in 'Allo.

Johnny Vegas may not be the best actor but he is very funny. He has basically played himself in everything I've seen him in so no acting required there then.

As for 70s/80s I like everything you mention plus of course Some Mothers (timeless stuff - the bairn loves it!), Monty Python, Yes Minister, Q7/Q8 (the Spike Milligan shows) and probably quite a few more I don't remember. :)

But there was a lot of rubbish about then too. Carla Lane anyone?

And I agree - the Simpsons have 'jumped the shark' as the sayong goes.

mmChronic said...

I'm exercising the right to add modern comedies I like as I remember them.

Phoenix Nights.

Merg said...

LB... so what does it have besides "The only Gay in the village/I'm a lady/Yes but no but yes but/look into my eyes" exactly? Each character has one joke, and it's repeated ad infinitum. Btw, there's been three seasons ;)

Of the bits I saw of the third, it was the weakest yet. The Tom Baker inserts were sometimes amusing...

Agree about Monkey Dust, even if it does suffer the "one joke" thang. I just find the joke funny in the first place, I guess. I especially like the mad 70's-space-hopper dude, and the paedophile-on-instant-messaging and People-on-the-toilet jokes were spot on.

'Allo 'Allo has ludicrous plots that I found highly amusing. The earlier years were better, obviously, but it must have been popular -- 9 series including an epic 26-episode one for series 5!.

I watched Clouseau over Xmas btw... wasn't anywhere near as good as I'd remembered -- and someone's remaking it. Steve Martin, I think? Probably will be about as good as his version of Bilko *shudder*

Hated Phoenix Nights ... and pretty much everything else by Peter Kaye.

Yes, I know the point of The Office is that it's satire. I just found it totally unfunny and very irritating. Same, to a degree, for Royale Family.

I agree re: Carla Lane -- how did she ever get her stuff made, even? Ever more frightening perhaps, is that Bread is out on DVD. Could be worse, could be the bloody Liver Birds...

Only thing I can think of offhand that I found Johnny Vegas funny it was the OnDigital Adverts with "munkeh" -- and it was munkeh that was funny, IMHO.

Loved most of the old stuff you mentioned though -- Yes Minister/Yes PM in particular was superb.

As for adding... No-one's mentioned the earlier series of Red Dwarf - up to, say, S5. S6 was almost all remakes and S7/8 were pretty awful, sadly.

Hitchhikers with Peter Jones as "The Book". Wonderful -- I'm apprehensive as to the movie, though... could be good, could be very, very bad. Why did you have to die so young, Adams?

Does anyone else remember "Hot Metal", the 80's ITV comedy about the "Daily Flag", a thinly-disguised version of "The Sun"? With Greg Kettle, tabloid reporter and Robert Hardy as owner Twiggy Rathbone? How about Brass? Blackadder? All 80's shows.

Python was top-notch of course.

Going back though... my point is that from the 70's and 80's we can name loads of good stuff -- and even agree on most of it.

Of the 90's there's a lot less, and we appear to disagree on much of it. And we're halfway through the 00's now and there's been... S2 of Spaced and Coupling, for me. (Did you like either?) And if we're generous, 2 Pints... and perhaps Monkey Dust and 2DTV (which is just the 80's classic Spitting Image with animation instead of latex...)

And the top (based on viewers) BBC comedy of the 90's? Vicar of Dibley. Ditto, xmas 2004. I rest my case, m'lud.