Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Kerry Wins With 77% Of The Vote.

Unfortunately it's only the results on GlobalVote 2004 rather than the real thing. Maybe the Americans can repeat the trick today. Fingers crossed.

GlobalVote managed to get the same sort of well thought out, measured reaction from Americans as the Guardian stunt the other day.


bryn said...

Go Kerry!
I got emails from Mtv, Beastie Boys and Eminem to go out and vote today.
Anyone know where the newlinks voting station is?

mmChronic said...

That reminds me - we are due an icon election for last month. Of course I should run these like the presidential elections - count everyones votes for the purpose of ignoring them and choose my own winner.

bungers said...

<24.0 kbps>

Excellent use of the icons. That was exactly what I had in mind myself... :)

btw.. GTA : San Andreas ROCKS. It's so cool it hurts.

</24.0 kbps>

mmChronic said...

So will the 'resting' Bungers post today? Whey nah - he's shootin' up the hood.

Get your broadband sorted man!

bungers said...
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bungers said...

I'm just doing it now... I've actually got loads to do again today, so I'll be refraining from GTA action until tonight, actually...

(well, maybe a quick drive-by will be in order before I go out.. )

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bungers said...
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