Monday, November 22, 2004

Morning All

Anarchy and Explosives and General Mayhem.
Before you waste one entire second even considering mixing, creating, or otherwise implementing the instructions in these files, be aware that people have died from some of these very texts, attempting wholescale explosives and dangerous chemical reactions based on some flimsy text file written by god knows who for god knows what. It's just way too easy for someone to have typed a 5 instead of a 4 years and years ago when they were copying out of a badly photocopied pamphlet written by someone entirely different. Your life is too precious to take such an idiotic risk. If you're going to blow things (and yourself) up, at least go the route of learning with experts, where you'll become aware of risks and fun far beyond soaking tennis balls in gasoline and lighting them. OK?!

The Shiny Aluminum Computer Case.

Funny picture. Happy family. Possibly NSFW.

PIC TITLE Strange food and kooky drinks including Tuna Jerkies for your pets and you!

The Society For The Prevention And Cure Of Rectal-Cranial Inversion, more commonly known as 'Having One's Head Up One's Backside.

How to breathe deeply when you're nervous.

Attention, Fat Corporate Bastards!

Toddlerpedes. Sculptures made from dolls.

An awesome collection of videogame commercials dating back to Pitfall for the Atari!.

USB Mince Pies.

Norio Matsumoto Alaska Gallery. Stunning Photo's

Thanks to growabrain, presurfer and j-walkblog.


mmChronic said...

The videogame adverts are excellent!

Merg said...

The toddlerpede is disturbing.