Wednesday, November 24, 2004


There's a new P2P client/system in town. This one is called Dijjer and according to the blurb it is trying to turn everyones PC into a cache for everyone else. So what does this mean for the end user? According to this post at slashdot it means every time you use Dijjer it will download files you didn't request. For example there are 3 files to grab off the Dijjer site. Start grabbing the first one and you may come back and find it's downloading the other two AND sharing them out to other people. Whilst this is will improve distribution times because of the higher number of available sources it's also a bit dodgy in that you may have files on your drive which you never requested and are highly illegal. Some of the slashdot posters are claiming because it's a cache there's no legal liability for the cache owner but I wouldn't want to be the test case for this one!

via Waxy

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