Friday, November 05, 2004

Friday bonus.

Celebrating 3000 years of Cat Mustaches

Fake posters.
Download the posters below, print them and hang them in your office. Put them in normal places, where no one will suspect they're fake. Fellow employees willl be angry and frustrated feeling the unbearable weight of tiranic management on their backs. Managers won't dare remove them because there's always the possibility of it coming from someone higher than them. It's the ultimate office fun!

The NRA's members councils of California Life/Death clock.

A Hong Kong police officer had 28 minutes of pay docked from his salary after he was caught visiting a prostitute while on duty

It's always been about the beer. A brilliant advert.

Kenya, the home of the mouse sandwich.

Shee-ka-goooo finds JEEBUS. NSFW text. Nearly my link of the week except for the hamster one below.

A gallery of 48 optical illusions.

130 Year old fire in China finally put out.

Weird city names in the U.S.. Check the comments for more.

The Hamster hot air balloon story has been updated with new declaration thanks to all the hate mail they received after the first episode. Hilarious. If you only click one link here today make sure it is this one. My favourite link of the week.

Thanks to blogywood, incomingsignals and presurfer


mmChronic said...

That hamster one is class. So good it deserves another hamster link - coming soon.

The office posters and shee-ka-goooo ones are v good too.

ILuvNUFC said...

You will do well to better that hamster link.