Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Fantasy Football

The tables are updated after the 1st weekend's scoring in Month 3 of the New Links Fantasy Football League. Merg has taken the lead by a point over ILuvNufc, followed by me then Dogs. The top four places are quite tight for now so we might have bit more of a fight on our hands this season. The bottom two are a different story. Flip is bottom with 2 points but he has the excuse of still being in Poland amongst other things. We await Bungers' excuse for his poor performance with interest! ;)

In other footballing news the toon finally managed to stop the slide with a win over Crystal Palace helped by another goal for Bellars and a sweet back (surely worthy of a Baad Asssss Song!) heeled goal from wor Paddy.


Dogs said...

Greetings Newlinkers

I am alive but have been kidnapped by aliens. What year is it?

I see most of us have abandoned all romantic notions of picking a squad we like. This is clearly far less favourable to picking the players who earn the most points in a Chelsea stylee.

How about a rule that states you must have 2 < insert your favourite team > players in your squad at all times? Unless your favourite team is Chelsea, Villa or Everton.

Anyway, I did enjoy the creation versus evolution debate but what about the pixies at the bottom of my garden?

mmChronic said...

It's 2009 and the Victoria Tunnel report will be ready on Monday. Probably.

The point of competitions is to win (Bugger this taking part and there are no losers malarkey. Bloody hippies!) so that's why people tend to go for players who'll get them points.

If we have to pick players from the team support we would have had no points recently! :)

You'll have to get some pictures of your pixies.

Merg said...

I dunno about anyone else, but I never had any idea of picking a squad. From the beginning, I was picking the players I thought would score the most points.

Isn't that the point of the game?

As for it being the "Chelsea" method... Chelsea seems to be doing okay with it, too ;)

Dogs said...

Love that fairies hoax. Ho ho.

Still, if I really want a good laugh I read the bible. Or I watch Most Haunted with Yvette Fielding and Derek the medium.

Anonymous said...

I wish NUFC would go for the Chelsea way. After New Links' IPO I intend to do an Abramovitch with the toon. Probably.

That Most Haunted is bloody awful. The spookiest thing about it is they keep getting a production budget authorised.

That page that had the Cottingley fairies on? Did you see the weird capitalisation?

eg (one of many)
"at Cottingley beck, a small Brook"

They didn't capitalise Beck even though it's part of the pronoun but they did capitalise brook even though it's just a noun. This is an obvious sign of madness. Or possibly illiteracy. I can never remember which.

Dogs said...

Using my amazing paranormal abilities I can sense that anon is in fact mC?

Unless there's someone else who enjoys talking about capitalisation of pronouns?

Anyway, old but good, I know what you're getting for Christmas too. I felt your presence.

I thank you
I thank you

mmChronic said...

Bloody stupid defaulting...

I don't enjoy talking about the capitalisation of pronouns. I just love mocking people for whatever reason I can. You may not know this about me but I love to take the piss. ;)

So how come you are using the interweb today? Has your boss died?

Dogs said...

Funnily enough I had noticed that you take the piss constantly and I've tried to explain this to DCB - she says that's fine and she'll still have a pint with you even though you're still a w4nk3r who's lacking basic social communication skills and etiquette :)

I was surprised by that as I didn't think she knew you that well ;)
Yuck Yuck

Anyway, tad hungover today so zero productivity hence interwebbing.

mmChronic said...

The next time I am giving patronising life advice to someone (that they never asked for and didn't want) on a subject that I know fsck all about and it is rejected I must remember to lose my temper so quickly that the other person just laughs at me for having a quivering lip so I then have to resort to insults instead of cogent argument.

So is that what refinement and breeding bring to the table? No wonder I hate posh fsckers so much! Ignorant cnuts.

Dogs said...

Or, the next time someone is trying to give genuine advice you can accept gratiously instead of going off on a tangent to find some minor irrelevant point of argument that you feel justifies your aversion to receiving any advice whatsoever despite the fact that you can't actually deny that the original advice given was honest and well intended. Follow up the pedantry with a highly offensive personal remark and, hey presto, genuine helpful person loses the desire for further discussion and decides to call you a w4nk3r instead.

Personally I think you were both pissed and should therefore say "Sorry I was pissed and can I buy you a pint."

mmChronic said...

Advice? Telling us to do what we were going to do anyway is hardly advice. I listened graciously the first two or three times. The further repetitions didn't make the advice any more beneficial or original. My advice? Tell her not to get pissed and drony when about to impart her 'advice'.

I don't think my point is/was irrelevant. I also said at the time that the point I made wouldn't stop what we were planning anyway ie it was minor. Cue posh cnut flouncing with a 'do wtf you want then... your loss... blah blah' even after me saying it wasn't going to stop us.

Highly offensive personal remark? Can't remember that one. Not by me anyway.

I wasn't pissed either. Cast your mind back to what I was drinking whilst we were out. The fact I took umbrage so quickly was because I wasn't pissed. There's very little gets me more pissed of than some drunken sot wittering on about fsck all useful when I'm sober.

ILuvNUFC said...

Yay for mass-debate.