Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Good Morning

How to insult, swear, cuss, and curse in 165 languages!

The Book of Ratings. Offering a grade to just about everything.

The Knockoff Project. Album cover spoofs, goofs, tributes, send ups, near misses and coincedences.

Ripples in time. Cool.

My name is Caroline. Funniest link today for me.

Wonka Facts. More than you ever wanted to know about Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory.

Virtual mouse cleaner. :)

Is this you?
We've been collecting these pictures for some years now. They come from photobooths and pavements all over the UK.

The isthisyou project was born out of a simple question: is it possible to reunite these images with their owners?

You can help by e-mailing this url to people you know.

Then, perhaps, one day, someone will recognise themselves on isthisyou

Pit game. Not really a game just an extremely hilarious mouse over thingy. Sound needed. NSFW.

Cat Blogs.

Doggie Dental Solutions.

Christian Guide to Small Arms. I don't mean stunted limbs either.

Moms Cancer
"Mom's Cancer" tells the story of my mother's battle with metastatic lung cancer. It's not a "how-to" manual about treating the disease. If I've learned anything, it is that every cancer, patient, physician, and outcome is unique. Rather, "Mom's Cancer" focuses on how a serious illness can affect patient and family, both practically and emotionally, in ways that I've discovered are very common. Many readers have written to tell me how surprised and gratified they were to learn they weren't alone.

100 Things Every guy must know.

A faster, better Windows XP.

Thanks to idletype, growabrain and j-walk.

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mmChronic said...

Wow that Caroline is a right babe! :)

Your recent Willy Wonka linkage is bringing in the punters - we had someone looking for Charlie and the Chocolate Factory chords yesterday!