Saturday, November 13, 2004

Afternoon All

One for Hippy Tony...Columbo?s Flaws, Fears and Phobias.

100 Greatest Motion Picture Sequences of all time.

Origami Yoda. Excellent.

Crazy Aaron's Puttyworld.

Beneath The Surface. Brilliant time lapse video where you watch a monkey rot, so to speak.

Bryan Berg:Cardstacker. Really cool.

The Beer Machine.
The Beer Machine is a self-contained, single-step brewer that makes brewing your own fresh premium naturally made beer as easy as brewing coffee. The idea is simple: after the simple one time assembly, you can make any of dozens of international or domestic styled beers in just seven to ten days. Included with your Beer Machine, you'll get your first 28- 12oz. servings of heavenly brew that you can tap and keep right in your fridge.

No, you're not dreaming.

300 Miles High. A collection of images taken from the shuttle in orbit, or 300 mile high. There is a higher res link underneath each picture.

2 Headed Tortoise.

Why the Michael Jackson icon? I hear you say. Well the last item is a freak as well. :)

Thanks to growabrain and j-walkblog.


mmChronic said...

Top unrotting monkey linkage!

The Yoda one didn't work so here's another one.

ILuvNUFC said...

The Yoda pic worked for me and still does. :)

Very similar images.