Thursday, November 25, 2004

One For Creationists

New Links always tries to find linkage that will be of interest to our diverse readership. As that readership now seems to include Creationists (or at least people who say give Creationism a fair hearing) here's one for them. Textbook disclaimer stickers are to put on science textbooks that contain devilish ideas like evolution, the real age of the planet and other scientific heresies. Stick them on your childrens' books without delay - and if any teachers object burn them for witchcraft. Probably.

The really scary thing is the fact that the first one is a real sticker from Georgia - the American state not the European country if you hadn't guessed! Yay for fundamentalist jeebusians!



Anonymous said...

Ahem, that would be me (who said give creationists a fair hearing). I've started a series of blog posts over on my blog: That 'ol chesnut: Evolution vs. CreationismBTW, I hate the way Blogger treats everyone without an account as 'Annonymous' :-(

mmChronic said...

Hi Richard,

you can create a free blogger account in seconds (with no need to create a blog) so you don't have to be anonymous.

I know you are just advocating argument and are not a believer per se in Creationism but I think you have a few flawed assumptions built into to your advocacy.

As for your piece on your blog you claim no half lizard, half chicken bones have been found. I beg to differ. OK it's not a chicken - but it definitely sounds half bird / half lizard.

You then go on about carbon dating. Yes it is inexact and erroneous at times - but what sort of margin of error lets you calculate dino bones at 80 million years old when the world is only a few thousand years old according to Christians? I'll stick with the scientists on this one.

I'll state right now my belief that Creationists are nut cases. I'm a modern man - I believe in science and not some archaic book of folk tales that sometimes coincides with historical fact.

I've seen many proofs of many sciences. I've yet to see any proof for Creationism in any shape or form.

David said...

Love the Blog! Thanks for providing something worth reading on the net. I wasn't going to comment, but the creationists always manage to upset me.

I'm afraid you won't ever convince someone who's ideas are so firmly entrenched in the bible that they won't even consider the most basic arguments, such as the half-life of radioactive isotopes that decay over millions of years, or the fact that the theory of evolution has met the burden of proof time and time again.
If we accept their argument that evolution is just a theory, then we must throw away absolutely everything we know and understand about science, physics, biology, chemistry.
If we allow "and then a miracle happened" into our science books, we may as well all give up now.

mmChronic said...

Hi David,

Glad you like it. Is that 'Last Of The Summer Wine' Country you're from? You're just down the road from us. ;)

With you all the way on the science over religion. If I get cancer I'd rather go to hospital than Lourdes.

Merg said...

I recall the quote attributed to a governor of Texas some 80 years ago that went something like "If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for me" in response to a suggestion that Spanish should be taught as a second language in schools.

The "missing link" disproving evolution idea tends to fall down on the fact that the old bones/fossils are actually incredibly rare -- take the infamous Tyrannosaurus Rex, for instance ... the fairly small number of examples we have of its remains span something like an 80 million year period.

So it's not surprising there's vast numbers of species we've never found knowledge or proof of.

And then of course there's the Bill Hicks take "'You believed in Dinosaurs? Hah, I was just screwin' with ya!' -- what kind of God does that?"

Damn, I so miss Hicks... still, much of his material from the early 90's is as relevant today as it ever was...

mmChronic said...

We're going to look like right twats when we die and St Peter says 'right then what do you lot want?'.

I''m off to church.