Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Good Morning

Comic book characters made from Lego.

Complete 9/11 timeline

When celebs attack. Pictures of Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake's incident with a photographer.

Turn your house into an adventure playground for your cat with KatWALLks

Video clip. Crash and burn. I can't believe the driver can walk away from this crash.

One for Hippy Tony...Pub tricks and games.

I used to love playing football when i was younger and there was little better feeling than scoring a goal but i never found it this exciting. Poss NSFW.

Springfields in the U.S. I wonder if there are any residents named Homer Simpson living there?

A Fark extension for Firefox.

Pirate riddles for sophisticate. :)

World War 2 maps by date.

Thanks to incomingsignals and growabrain.

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mmChronic said...

The 11/9 timeline is a good read. There's some other good stuff on that site.