Wednesday, November 10, 2004

We're Not Sorry

We're Not Sorry is the other side of the coin to Sorry Everybody. It's the turn of the bigoted, stupid, guntoting, greedy, gaybashing, warmongering, redneck Americans to have their say. It's not as popular as the other site as this only has 4 pages of pictures so far compared to 160+ for Sorry Everybody. Maybe they are too stupid to submit pictures.

Scariest bit? Seeing the amount of guns on view in the pictures.

Funniest bit? This declaration from one of them:
Sorry that 55,949,407 ignorant "Americans" are going to benefit from OUR TAXREFORM
I've got news for you fsckwit - the tax reforms aren't for ordinary rednecks like you they are primarily for rich people like Bush and Cheney. You've been screwed too.

via The Presurfer


KirbyMeister said...

I call half-truth: The tax benefit was for everyone, the government gave a lot more money to regular people. Although I dont know how much money per person, just per tax bracket.

Plus gays scare me.

Sorry if I offended you.

Oh, and I just commited the blogosphere equivilant of murder - admitting Republican views!

mmChronic said...

And it was the rich that scored most as I said.

Read this for how the last lot of taxes were divvied up. Add to that more money being borrowed to cover your war and the tax cuts. America is going to be paying off these debts for a long time to come. But hey at least you'll have a couple of extra dollars in your pay packet every month for a year or two. w00t!

As for gays scaring you - if you Americans are so cowardly you are scared of people because of their of sexuality then it's a wonder you've got the balls to start wars.

Offended by you expressing your views? Nope. You just confirmed my view of the typical Republican voter - bigoted, cowardly fsckwits. If only you'd thrown in a hallelujah and a hooha too we could have completed the set with fundamentalist christian and redneck.

mmChronic said...

Or read this even!