Monday, November 15, 2004

Morning All

How to use the new MSN search engine. :)

The Unquiet Tomb. Please be advised that 'The Unquiet Tomb' does not encourage, or even condone, anyone visiting the abandoned places featured within.

Green Day Wallpapers.

RoboDump1.0. RoboDump is a robot. Sort of. And it poops. Sort of. Forever. A horrible, never-ending bowel movement complete with straining grunts, horrific gas, splashes, and pee sounds.

Words can not describe the feelings you can relay to someone with a "steamin gift box" of REAL POO!

From your brother to your boss, ex-spouse, politicians, ex-lovers, teacher, ex-best friend, dude/chic who gave you herpes, back stabing clients or any other person you don't like in the continental U.S.A.

Send a "steamin' gift box" of REAL POO to any double crossing person in your life.

The History Of Rock And Roll Visual Timeline. Presenting the Visual Timeline - an interactive, animated compendium of rock and popular music history. Discover unexpected connections between artists. Track the growth of a musical movement. Zoom in on the day the Beatles invaded America, or out to a bird's-eye view of the blues' sweeping influence. It's all here.

The Edible Book Gallery.

How It Works-The Computer. A book published in 1971.

Does Grandma Need a Hug? A Robotic Pillow Can Help.

Chord House:Piano Room. Learn piano chords and scales by selecting and listening to the ones you want. Piano keyboard shows which keys are used.

Famous Trials.

Bionic Dolphin. The worlds first underwater flying machine!

Thanks to presurfer and j-walk.


mmChronic said...

The rock timeline is pretty cool.

Your poogram is in the post. ;)

ILuvNUFC said...

:) We should send one to whoever wins the next prize from my bare looking prize cupboard.

mmChronic said...

I'm not entering the icon compo this month! ;)