Wednesday, November 17, 2004


Vegetable rights militant movement.

Suicide Bomber Barbie.

50 Years of frozen dinners.

Photo's of Dogs in cars.

A warning: If the thought of tens of millions of tiny spiders spinning a web 24 hectares - 60 acres - in size and crawling all over it scares the wits out of you, you might want to tread carefully over the following. Because that's exactly what happened last month on a farmer's field near McBride, about 220 kilometres east of Prince George.

Things to make and do including a USB turd.

What to do if you are taken hostage.

Video clip. Chunky, but funky.

Strange Science:GOOF gallery.
Did you ever make a mistake the first time you tried something? So did these people. Here is a collection of mistakes about living and extinct organisms. But as much as these pictures might amuse you (some are pretty funny, others aren't) try to carry a little compassion in your back pocket.
Centuries ago, no one had cameras, cell phones, or an associated press service; all anyone had to distinguish between truth and fiction was a description, sometimes accompanied by an illustration. At the very same time, increased travel led to the discoveries of elephants, anteaters, ostriches and apes. Believing too little could be as bad as believing too much.

Old man cashes in a million pennies.

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mmChronic said...

The pictures of those spiders were enough to make my skin crawl - I reckon I'd run away squealing if I saw that field for real.

ILuvNUFC said...

"Slightly" disturbing i thought. :)