Monday, November 08, 2004


Or 100 Words and Pictures that Define the Time. Once an hour this site scans the RSS feeds for Reuters World News, BBC World Headlines and the NY Times International News.

The top 100 terms are then selected and arranged in a 10 x 10 grid with an appropriate picture from the feeds. Each word is also associated with the top stories containing the word. For instance the pictures are dominated by American GIs due to the attacks on Falluja. All the data is available as archives so you can look back over the news over a period of time and see the changing visialisation of the news. Even better the data is accessible to programmers so you can write some code to add some 10x10 style news linking to your site. I'm going to have to have a closer look at that aspect to see if we can use it in some way on here.

via Presurfer


Janine said...

Excellent - I love this!! I highlighted your post over my way today - great find!

mmChronic said...

Yeah it's pretty cool but more than a little depressing. War, slaughter and bombings. Yay?