Thursday, November 18, 2004

Fantasy Football League Month 2 Results

Looks like our Dogs has spawned a fluky win due to his freak scoring on the first Saturday of this season - if he'd been able to keep that scoring rate up he'd probably have won the prize for the month from the BBC. I came second again - which should mean I'm on course to be leading over the whole season. We'll see at the end of Season 3 as the 'Best 3 Months League' tables start getting compiled. Full results:
1) Dogs - 60
2) mmChronic - 53
3) Merg - 44
3) Bungers - 44
4) ILuvNUFC - 33
5) Flip - 22
Season 3 starts this Saturday (20th November) so if you want to join the New Links League get registered and send us your pin details - either in the comments below or by emailing me on mmChronic AT

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