Friday, November 26, 2004

The Discovery Of A Scientific Proof Of God

Looks like we spoke too soon in our choice of science over God for there is scientific proof that God exists - it must be right because it's got equations and everything.

Apparently it's all to do with Relativity and brain sizes and the number of axes (that's the plural of axis not the weapon) our bodies are built on. The final form of the equation is
God = Guv
See - God really is THE Guv'nor.

I'm off to find God in a spreadsheet - then sell it on eBay. If the piece of holy toast we mentioned the other week is worth $28,000 then I reckon God in a digital stylee means I'm rich. Yay!

via Portal of Evil


Anonymous said...

This is a pretty old link, but it fits so nicely with the theme: Odds on that God exists, says scientist. More info here. Also, Over Three Hundred Proofs of God?s Existence:

(1) Human reasoning is inherently flawed.
(2) Therefore, there is no reasonable way to challenge a proposition.
(3) I propose that God exists.
(4) Therefore, God exists.
Pretty damn convincing, if you ask me.

- Curiouser

mmChronic said...

I'd seen the probability one before - I reckon the bayesian maths used got corrupted by new fangled spamming techniques. I suppose the theological equivalent to spam is a pair of Jehovah Witnesses on your doorstep.

That three hundred proofs one is very good! I'm now convinced and most repentant! If any more unbelievers post on here - straight to hell you go.