Friday, November 05, 2004

North East votes 'no' to assembly

So we did say No4TheNorthEast after all. For me the biggest problem was the total lack of meaningful power which was definitely being given to us. We were promised some weakish powers if the Regional Assembly Bill got passed unchanged in Parliament - and there was no guarantee of that. So in effect people voting Yes were voting for a totally unknown quantity. Fsckwits.

The Yes campaign even promised to improve the transport infrastructure of the North East. All well and good but the Government had already stated the Regional Assembly would have no powers over the A1 at all. It's pretty hard to improve transport when you are not allowed to touch the main road route to and through the North East.

We can apparently have another referendum in 7 years. By then any powers should have been set in concrete and we at least will know what we are voting for.