Friday, November 19, 2004

MetaFilter is taking new signups

MeFi is allowing signups after a hiatus of a couple of years. They were stopped due after some nastiness involving faking pr0n shots of the site owner's wife after some flame war or other IIRC.

They are however charging $5 (worth about 73p atm and falling fast!) to join! They say it's a donation
Keep in mind that this is a donation towards maintaining the server, and not a direct payment for privelages on the site
That text comes after the bit telling you have to pay to activate your account. I thought donations were voluntary gifts? Never mind - Linkfilter is still free.

via Waxy


Stephen Newton said...

I've no idea what this post is about. I guess, my fears of turning geek are unfounded.

mmChronic said...

LOL! I thinnk just having a blog will at least give you the outward appearance of geekiness! ;)

Mefi is one of the forum based sites with daily links. It's not a bad site but linkfilter is better (IMO) - and now you have to pay to use a not quite as good site. Having said that there's loads of people signed up judging by the comments.

So send me your $5 and you can be a member here too. Probably.