Monday, November 22, 2004

Make a tingle-tron. And die. Probably.

Before you read this I recommend you don't follow the instructions. You could die.

I think that's the legal niceties out of the way. Some electricians were discussing the amount of electricity a body could take without the shockee dying. This tea break chat led to the invention of the tingle-tron which is a device for administering shocks of varying strengths.

Plug it into the mains and, using a dial to give yourself more power, see how much you can take. The instructions do talk about safety etc but give the warning several times that you could die so I don't think I'm off to make one of these.

I expect we'll see Prof. Bungers' report on the tingle-tron sometime in 2007.

Another from the b3ta newsletter.

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