Friday, November 26, 2004

Hello All

The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities. A handy guide.

The complete guide to uninstalling Windows.

Keeping Clean. A guide by Christians for people with OCD's. Probably.

Ugly baby gallery.

Gallery of the absurd.

George Radebaugh-CD sculpture.

National Lampoon's Guide to foreigners around the world. This link could offend some people. You have been warned.

More chainsaw art.

Clay's Simpson's Songs Wav Page.

Galagon 2004. Use the arrows to move and the space bar to fire in this flash Galaga clone.

So that is where our Dogs has gone to. The 10th Annual Urban Iditarod. People dress up like dogs and propel shopping carts around San Francisco.

Thanks to Presurfer, J-WalkBlog and Milk and Cookies.

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