Tuesday, February 01, 2005

One For Merg

...or how to emasculate your PC in one easy step.

After Merg's comments about liking OS X I remembered I saw this link this morning and I was going to post it and forgot. Then bhell13 emailed me it later on so here it is. It's a tutorial on installing OS X on a PC. It's run on top of a Power PC emulator called PearPC. It doesn't support reading CDs (you have to create an image of the OSX installation CD on your HD so it can be read) or sound (no iTunes!!!) but it's a start.

You too can have no games for your computer! ;)

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Merg said...

"Seen it, pinched it, spent it", to quote Blackadder -- or rather, a friend of mine (in Florida -- the kids a real hardware geek - builds his own ISA cards!) installed OS X under PearPC last November.

Apparently, it's verrrrryyy sloooooooow. But nifty.

I might have tred it for the novelty value but I lack the patience. And I have games ;)