Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Apple restricting DVD region-changes -- voluntarily!

It didn't take long to start Apple bashing again!

Cory Doctorow has ranted on Boing Boing about Apple being sneaky and not allowing you your full quota of DVD region changes. Apparently after your 5 region changes on a computer's DVD drive you can get the counter reset at 'authorised dealers' a further four times so giving you a full quota of 25 changes. I didn't know you could do that - I've certainly never seen it mentioned with any DVD drive I've ever bought.

Anyway Cory did know about the top ups and went to have it done - and Apple refused. The full story contains part of an Apple document that contains a hack to do it on some Powerbooks but with the strict instructions to try and avoid doing so if at all possible!
This information should absolutely not be conveyed to the customer.

In extreme customer satisfaction situations you can reset the region change count by following this procedure:
So much for their consumer friendly image. And they'd done so well recently too.

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Merg said...

I knew about that -- I've got some Windows... ah... "authorized dealer" software that does just that for my Lite-On DVDROM. But happily, it also allows me to set the drive to be set to RPC1 which avoids a lot of problems. Talking of which, people with recalcitrant DVDROM drives may want to take a look here.