Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Airplane Sick Bag Collection.

Quiz. Which Michael Jackson Are You? via

Hello Kitty Sushi
Hello Kitty Sushi.

Scottish minister says it's okay to get drunk "once in a while".

McDonald's worker admits putting glass in cop's Big Mac.

Stupid Videos.

Foo Fighters wallpapers.

Almost forgot. For a taste of what to expect next week, has a few MP3's up for download of a recent show.


mmChronic said...

I'm the Kin of Pop apparently. Do I have to go to prison now?

ILuvNUFC said...

I was "The Moonwalker". For a change I thought i would lie when answering questions so that I did'nt get the same answer as you.

Loved the question about the nose. :)

Merg said...

Like ILN, I'm walking backwards on the moon.

bungers said...

I am the King of Pop!

Shah-moan! Heeeee heee!

Flip said...

Don't even have to do the quiz to know I' the MJ who's wife stabs him in the back...hehe...

6am court day and I can't keep off the toilet...thought I was a hard man :(

mmChronic said...

Good luck today Flip! Hope you have a blinder - or at least you get her notice thing adjourned until you get yourself a solicitor.