Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Monkey Licking Window

BoingBoing have just posted a Kitten Screen Cleaner which looks like it's just a stretched version of the one we posted a few weeks back. I think we can trump that with a monkey licking a window.

As well as monkey licking goodness(!?!) the site also has possibly the finest domain name and favicon on the t'internets.

EDIT It's been pointed out on Boing Boing (thanks for the linkage!) that it's really a chimpanzee and not a monkey. However I used monkey because:
A) The monkey page has an amusing disclaimer regarding that.
B) It's all about the Technorati taggage via New Links' Icon Tag Thingies™ and we have a Monkey icon!

Is that enough site pimping now? ;)

1 comment:

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