Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Links' New Member!

I'm pleased to announce we have another contributor on board and it's Hypersloth so we have our first non UK member - New Links goes international! Yay!

We've been nicking links off each other since not too long after New Links started and his other site,, was one of the first to link to us. He's probably our most frequent commenter (other than us). He's also been a star in offering to host the Get Firefox Ribbon graphic for us.

Welcome aboard Hypersloth! :)


Anonymous said...

Welcome aboard. Maybe he could join our FF league even if he does'nt know anything about football he could'nt do any worse than Flip. ;)

bungers said...


Welcome aboard!

bryn said...


Merg said...

Well, Flip knaas now about football either -- he's a Spurs supporter ;)

Welcome Hypersloth, old chap. Come, stay awhile, stay forever! Muahahhahahahahaha!

mmChronic said...

Impossible Mission AICMFP! :)

Merg said...

I had a feeling you'd recognise it ;)

hypersloth said...

Thanks for the warm welcome, all. I've had very little computer time lately, between work and my girlfriend demanding attention (the nerve)... I don't know much about football, real or American, though I was living in Germany when they won the cup - place went nuts for weeks, so I do grasp the fanatacism... I do enjoy baseball; only things I know about cricket are from Douglas Adams. Seems a nasty sport, causing all kinds of war across the galaxy... not for me.

Anyway, I'll be posting sometime soon.