Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Links' Fantasy Football League

I'm afraid I'm a bit late with the New Links' Fantasy Football League update this week - I must be losing interest as I am still hanging around the bottom of the table. ;)

Full table looks like this (this week's scores in brackets - scores for the season not in brackets)

1 Merg (28) 59
2 Dogs (20) 57
3 ILuvNUFC (28) 56
4 Bungers (31) 54
5 mmChronic (26) 39
6 Flip (17) 16

Strong scoring week for everyone but most of the strongest scoring went on in the top 4 positions making it an incredibly tight race with only 5 points between 1st (Merg) and 4th (Bungers). I think the league is pretty much out of reach for Flip and myself now. I'm off to qualify for the UEFA Cup via the InterToto.


ILuvNUFC said...

LOL. Inter-Toto. :)

Joke 1 and joke 2. 2 being my favourite.

bungers said...

31 points Woo!!!

In one week!

That's more than I normally get in a season!

(btw.. i can't get these fookin' vids off my phone..)