Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Bellamy's heart not Glasgow's

Bellamy's heart not Glasgow's - yet - Football365.com:
Craig Bellamy has revealed that he opted for a loan move to Celtic to give him time to mend his broken heart after being forced to leave the club he loves.
*Sob* Awww... poor Craig!


mmChronic said...

Shame it wasn't a broken head.

Merg said...

I fancy he hopes to return in the summer after (he hopes) Souness is booted out.

Dogs said...

If Souness was sacked then surely you'd have to get rid of FF as I can't see him doing a U-turn on Bellamy either.

I'm still not sure about Souness as a football manager but as a man manager I'm impressed with how he dealt with Bellamy.

mmChronic said...

Getting rid of Fat Fred would be nice - but I wouldn't be prepared to pay the price of Bellamy coming back.

I'm pleased with the way Souness has handled it too.