Thursday, February 10, 2005

Green Day Cameraphone Photos are up!

More pictures in the New Links Picture Dump. I'll post the vids when I can find somewhere to post them.


Merg said...

Grren? :)

mmChronic said...

A very angry Green Day tribute band apparently.

Cool pics Bungers - but hasn't your phone got zoomage?

Daniel said...

I got some spare webspace and bandwidth to spare for the videos. If you want it, IM me or email me.

bungers said...

Cool... Thanks Dan, I'll mail them to ya now. Again, they're camera phone, and no, I couldn't figure out how to make the zoom work cause I just got it that day. If I'd used my actual camera the vid would've been much better, but this'll do. They work in quicktime cause they're mpg4. Enjoy!

bungers said...

hmm... i appear to be having probs getting timed out by gmail. I'll try again in the morning if I have time, or tomorrow evening.

Thanks anyway!