Wednesday, August 11, 2004

"Britain becoming a nation of pirates"

According to another survey, Britain is becoming a nation of pirates.

via vnunet this time...


Merg said...

Different page but it's the same source as y'day's pi-ratz article.

And my comment still stands. When I was a kid, EVERYONE had "pirated" material, be it C64 and Spectrum games to music.

Even "dodgy" videos weren't that uncommon.

So, things must be getting better!

(or perhaps it's just lots of people lie on surveys...)

mmChronic said...


Just thought I'd shortcircuit the usual shite go round in circles bollocks.

Has NL become the FAST blog? Change the record please. We don't care - practically everybody does it to some extent or other.

Merg said...

Well, I'm trying to stick to the ludicrous - the Ferret springeth to mind - and the big-brotherish - the copyright lessons.

The latter is rather scary since it's pure propaganda from corporations being pumped into young minds...

mmChronic said...

Oh not a personal dig at all. A spunky ferret is worth talking about. People owning copyrighted material isn't. As we've said before people have always owned copyrighted material. It's just not news or interesting. Just a fact of life.

Merg said...


Tho' it's worth noting the mega-corps are despitely trying to claim this is something new and different.

And, of course, connected to funding terrorism. (tho' pre-9/11 it was always organized crime. Funny that...)