Sunday, September 12, 2004

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory (and 3000th Post!)

This is New Links 3000th post so to commemorate the event here's a free PC game as a bit of a giveaway. Aren't we generous? ;)

Some of us have been muttering about some online multiplay death action between the New Links lads. The only thing really stopping us (apart from Bungers skinny pipe - fnark glurgle) was finding a game we all had.

Well problem solved. Merg told me about Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory and I grabbed it the other night. It was originally developed as an addon to Return To Castle Wolfenstein but Activision decided not to release it commercially and gave it away for free. It's totally standalone (ie you don't need RTCW) and there are free public servers.

It's a WWII FPS with mission based multiplayer maps. The missions are things like escorting a tank to the enemy HQ, blowing up guns and various other things. All this whilst shooting the cack out of each other.

You'll need the main program, the latest patch and some bots if you want to practice offline. The New Links Deathmatch Challenge has been laid. Who's up for it?


Merg said...

Me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me me!


I'll try and drag a couple of my friends out to play, too.

Note that while I suggested it to mC, I've not actually played it -- I'm not much of an online gamer usually, because I get sick of obnoxious anonymous idiots.

Obnoxious friends are so much more fun!


mmChronic said...

I've installed it and had a go and it looks quite good.

The bots only seem to work properly on one level though I haven't read any documentation yet - for the game or the bots.

Merg said...

I have seen the original RTCW MP and that was pretty funky. I imagine this is more of the same with a few changes/additions/improvements.

I'll have a go sometime.

Any other takers?

Dogs said...

Prepare to die.

Think I have a copy on some cover disk somewhere - see if I can sort it out tonight.

mmChronic said...

Yay our Dogs has been found!

Don't forget the patch too.

I'm ready as is Merg. Silence from everyone else on the matter - though I think we can let bhell13 off as the last I heard from him was an email just before Ivan hit Jamaica.

Merg said...

I tried it briefly online last night ... seems almost everywhere has extra map packs and the ETPro mod running...

So, if you connect for the first time, be ready for a wait while it throws all that at you.

Prolly worth testing out ahead of time for this very reason.

Oh, yeah... and Punkbuster kicked me for it having "insufficient OS privs" ... I guess it needs to run as "administrator" (I don't log in as admin unless I absolutely need to) or perhaps just needs some ACL lovin'.

I suspect I'm the only one affected thus though...

mmChronic said...

Depending on TV tonight I may have a practice blast online. I'll grab the other cack before I try.

And being naughty/lazy/stupid I run at admin level all the time so probably be ok with Punkbuster.