Thursday, September 16, 2004

Quake4 scans!!!

Quake 4 screenshots have been published in a magazine and have been scanned and stuck on the net.

Note to Dogs: Please cover your monitor with something "splashproof" before viewing. Wouldn't want you to electrocute yourself as you go into some some sort of self induced orgasm over the lighting effects, polygon counts and "innovative" gameplay graphics.

via Waxy


Merg said...

Dead link. My German's poor from lack of use and I was too lazy to babelfish, since from what I could read, the thread's been deleted by admins.

Probably due to copyright issues...

mmChronic said...

Yep it was ninja lawyers...

Scans auf Anfrage des Rechteinhabers gelöscht.
Scans on request of the right owner deleted.

Using my photographic memory(!) I'll give you a mini review: It looked very pretty. :)