Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Todays rubbish

- The Italian arm of the UK energy company Powergen. Honestly.
- Bad Architecture in China.
- One for ILuvNUFC Junior. Grappa. Use your left button to draw and your right to wipe it clean. Very pretty.
- nekopach. Fire your cat to collect the gems and don't forget to catch it on the way back down.
- Arrrr! It be a pirate glossary.
- Evidence of a Google browser.
- Random images. Some NSFW content.
- Todays weird item on eBay. Largest collection of beer bottles in the world.

Thanks to sciatica and coolios.


mmChronic said...

Maybe we should put these on ebay too. Or just take them to Shepherds around the corner and scrap them in.

ILuvNUFC said...

Are you suggesting that someone should steal the Guinness Well? You/they would never get away with it as it is world famous now that it has been in the Evening Chronicle.

eBay for me as Shepherds will only give you 10p for it. If going by my childhood dealings with them anyway. :)