Tuesday, September 21, 2004

ILuvNUFC's rubbish round up

- C-3PO's vegetable vacation photos. Class.
- Todays weird item on eBay. P3n!5 shaped chicken nugget.
- Contortion Home Page. Some very bendy people.
- The Godfather horse head pillow.
- The Borat doctrine. Roman Vassilenko, the press secretary for the Embassy of Kazakhstan, wants to clear up a few misconceptions about his country. Best link this week and it's only tuesday. Whilst on the subject How does Ali G keep conning famous guests?
- Monkey photos. Some scary looking Monkeys.
- Hand shadows to be thrown upon the wall. Brilliant.
- Paul Smith's typewriter art.

Thanks to coolios, diminishedresponsibility, incomingsignals and waxy.org


mmChronic said...

My wife she died. I'm off to play kokpar - I might win a new one.

bungers said...

...and then have a party?

Class linkage.. well done ILN! :)