Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Rome: Total War

Buy Rome: Total WarIn what must surely be the gaming best news since this Rome: Total War (PC) gets it's UK release on Friday October 1st. Since I first saw the new engine on Time Commanders it was a must buy for me. I've always been a fan of the Total War series but is the first time they've used true 3D graphics for the battles and it looks gorgeous. Did I mention it's also got Romans in?

It's getting very good reviews (IGN 9.4, Gamespot 9.1), the demo is fantastic and I will officially be disappearing from New Links posting duties from Friday evening and I may be gone for some time! ;)


Dogs said...

Last night I was mostly fitting my new Athlon 64 3500+ onto my new Abit AV8 mobo and then plugging in 1GB of Corsair TwinX PC3200 @ 400Mhz supadupaXtralowlatency memory.


or that was the theory. The reality is that I got BSOD approx 8 times during Windows installation - I finally got it working by running the memory at 333Mhz. Pish.
I... NEED... 400Mhz

Tonight I shall be mostly playing with DDR voltages in the BIOS.

Anyway, I've recently been fragging with wor kid on UT2004 and it's a reet good laugh. One of these days I'll frag you (at 10 trillion fps). I'll run the server.

p.s. consoles still suck

Merg said...

Nah, you won't.

No way am I installing the 16trillion terabyte UT2k4 just to play you once every 18 months.

mmChronic said...

I concur. ;)

Dogs said...

Using up hard drive space?????? 25 zillion terrabytes with all the official add-ons installed

It wears out your mouse and keyboard too.

And it makes your CPU get hot.

Maybe I should uninstall everything and then switch off :)

mmChronic said...

6 cd's of diskspace for an FPS? When we can play umpteen other games that only take a couple of hundred mb.

Oh and you're not fast enough for hosting apparently.

Merg said...

IIRC it unpacks to at least 6gig of space -- I don't have 6gig free, and I'm not likely to any time soon unless someone buys me a new HD.

If it had a single-player campaign, I might have been more interested, but since it's MP only (no, bot-games don't count) and since I've no intention of buying it to get a CD key, the only point in installing it would be to play against you. (... and that's assuming you know where to find a server ... ahem .. crack^H^H^H^H^Hfix for it?)

Sorry dude, ain't gonna happen.

Dogs said...

Not fast enough? I assume you mean my connection? I can host without any lag if I keep the numbers low (2-6???)

Make the rest up with bots.

Flip said...

mani played thier other game for lijke days abd it was fantastic.

heartuily reccommnede/...sorrry bitp iseed.

mmChronic said...

Well duh! Of course your connection speed.

And the idea of a public server was to allow more than 2 people. Don't forget being on cable you've only got an ickle speed upstream.

I'm still not installing UT2K4 for what will be a very occasional game. I'm still voting for Enemy Territory - everyone's machine is capable of running it, everyone has it (or can get it legally for free) and there are loads of public servers.

Merg said...

Ditto. Why install 6gig+ (which is likely, since Red Orchestra looks way better than straight UT2K4 IMHO) when we can install 3-400meg for the whole thang and use public servers?

mmChronic said...

Fsck me! I'll have a pint of what Flip's drinking please! ;)

bungers said...

Flip really is pissed! w00+!

Merg said...

Mine's also a pint!

(PS I just agreed with mC twice on the trot... once more and the world ends, right? :) )

Dogs said...

Why so set on public servers - have you found one for RTCW and low ping?

I think we're better of hosting and I now 256 upstream is adequate for 2-6 players.

You should try out a public server first then you'll see plenty of lag and 10 year olds with mad anti n00b l33t skillz.

mmChronic said...

Because when you get arrested for animal pr0n there's no record of any conenction from us to you.

OK lets cut this one dead. I haven't got UT2K4. Fact. To do what you want I'm going to have to either buy a game I don't want or download 6 cds worth of FPS. It is not going to happen. Nobody exept you wants to play UT - or I've missed the 'me, me!' comments if they do.

Right - do you want to play Enemyy Territory or not?

mmChronic said...

Oh and for you to have 256 up one of the following HAS to be true:

A) you've switched to ADSL.
B) are planning on playing from work.
C) have upgraded your BY package.
D) you are talking out of your arse - for a change.

We have 128 up.

Merg said...

... because they don't lag, because they don't give anyone an advantage? (Unlike, say, the dude on the console?)

256K up? You've got the 1meg service now? Last I heard you had a 512K connection.

As for ET pub servers... where do you think I've played it if not on pubs? Seen plenty of sub-25ms connections and quite a few sub-50's. Cable ain't gonna match that for more than a tiny number of players.

There's often completely empty pubs, too. Yes, no doubt some other players might join, but so what?

I'd rather play against them than against bots, quite frankly.

Regardless, I don't have 6gig+ of free disk-space. If you're determined to host, I'm happy to try ET or CoD/CoD:UO that way.

Merg said...

Hm... I posted that about 25 mins ago and it only just appeared... stupid blogger :/

mmChronic said...

He has the 750 (BY's name for it) service - which was the 512 that got the free u/g to 768. Up speeds stayed the same so it's still at 128.

So if he reckoned he can host 2-6 UT2K4 players adequately he will now have to revise that to 1-3. Bit of a shite multiplay then.

Merg said...

I was assuming 128K up. I'd estimate 3-4 players before it start to lag. I guess 5 if you count the console player... (who has a huge advantage, obv ;) )

My primary objection, however, isn't to the hosting -- I'm happy to host here if it came to that (256K upstream) or I might be able to get a box with a "real" connection to host (no promises, but as you know, I knew a few people who...)

My primary objection is that it's a huge game that I won't play other than for this...

Dogs said...

mC: I was suggesting I host and I don't care if it's UT or RTCW or COD/UO - just not keen on public servers.

Didn't realise I only had 128 up (though it's 750 down) but it has worked fine with TOCA2 and 6 players.

Just offering but if you insist on public then find a good one and tell us.

Merg said...

If we're on a pub, it's ET.

The rest you have to buy to play online legitimately, ie CDKEY required. I don't see all of us rushing to buy whichever game is picked, sooo...

mmChronic said...

I missed the comment where Dogs suggested he host and we play any game. I can only see the ones where Dogs says he will host UT2K4.

If you (or Merg) want to try hosting that's fine by me - so what are we playing?

Merg said...

If I'm hosting, CoD is a better game than ET, IMHO. 2gig install tho'.

CoD:UO is a much better MP game, but I'm not sure it'll work with a smaller number of players -- the major addition is vehicles (and much better smoke effects -- that really changes the game due to it being... well, very realistic).

Not sure how well my 256K connection will hold up but if Dogs wants a "private" server, that's the only real option.

mmChronic said...

We could always play mp freeciv. Even Bungers' machine should be able to keep up with that! ;)

You need a few players for ET as well by the look of it to get the best out of it. I don't know if I've played CoD.

My vote could well have changed to R:TW by Friday night though! :)

I think this one is probably best resolved offsite so we can arrange game, servers, time etc.

Anonymous said...

Nah, def not into MP strat games -- I know I'll get whipped from the start, soo... :)

In an FPS with reasonably lethal weapons (read: not the Quake or Tribes games) I can usually do okay.

Quake/Tribes type stuff is akin to the strat stuff... don't play enough to be remotely good, and the weapons aren't deadly enough that sneaking up on people works.

Yes, I DO shoot people in the back -- best way! ;)