Monday, September 20, 2004

Fantasy Football Update

The New Links Fantasy Football League scores have been updated.

Merg retains 1st place but I was best scorer of the weekend which puts me into joint 2nd place with Flip. Joint second best scorers of the weekend were ILN and Dogs which while not good enough to take them off the bottom sees them gaining slowly but surely on Bungers.


bungers said...

My FF Haiku...


Damn him!

Score some goals!

Otherwise, you are fired.

Merg said...

... and several of my players warmed the bench at the weekend. Quite a few play tonight, too, in the Liverpool vs Man U. game.

I'm surprised it updated today -- I thought they said that when there were Monday games, it wouldn't update til a Tuesday morning.

mmChronic said...

That's probably a just in case. Last season they were awful - sometimes the updates didn't happen for a few days.

It's been decent so far this season.