Monday, September 27, 2004

Top 50 shoot 'em ups!

Im not sure I agree with half of these titles but they have put together a pretty hefty list of old school shooters!
Check it!


bungers said...

Axelay on the Snes was always one of my favs. I have Ikaruga and Rez on the DC, and they are both awesome, especially Rez. Smash TV on the SNES was a great game too, nice to see that it gets a mention in the "honourable mentions" bit. :)

What no Starfox...? And what about Contra on the SNES...??

bryn said...

One of my mates has been telling me how good Rez is. Ill look into that....
As for Contra [Probotector for all you non-import peeps], its criminal that that games isnt in.

bungers said...

Yep, that's it.. "Super Probotector"! Mode 7 sand monster levels anyone..? Those were the days...

mmChronic said...

What about bloody Turrican? Best platforming shootemup on any platform - evar!

Talking of Ikaruga (ish) - there's a new DC game coming out and it's another shooter. More later if I can find info.

mmChronic said...

And it's called Border Down - got released in Japan last year but was featured on the Bint Berlin's show at the w/e so I'm presuming it's getting a UK release.

bungers said...

I find Violet Berlin strangely attractive...

bryn said...

yeah, me too.

Merg said...

Warning, there follows an excessively long and probably excessively boring quote as memories took over, etc. Yes, yes, I should get my own blog for this, or something. Just be glad it's hidden in a comment and not stuck out on the front page, okay? Okay. Oh, and don't read this unless you're REALLY bored, it's not that interesting, but I can't be bothered to edit it.

Yes, the warning got out of control too. Deal with it.

Hm... dubious list (but a good post, let anyone think I'm complaining). Space Invaders at #2?

Totally agree with you re: Turrican btw. Talking of which, some dudes recently released for free a "sequel" for the C64, called Turrican 3 (but AFAIK, totally unrelated to the poor Amiga game of the same name -- after Turrican 1/2 it was a major disappointment...)

Violet Berlin's positively hag-like these days, IMO, but each to their own and all that.

Axelay was cool... The coin-op Smash-TV was much better than the SNES version. Super Contra evolved from the Konami Coin-Op Gryzor (which itself bears more than a passing resemblence to Greet Beret - also by Konami)

I think quite a few games in this list were criminally underrated - Uridium, Dropzone (okay, so it's a defender ripoff -- but WHAT a ripoff!) ... Salamander didn't even rate a mention, as far as I could see (despite being derivative of Gradius (aka Nemesis) but better). No Denaris/Katakis, either...

Bizarrely, Afterburner gets a mention despite being one of the dullest games ever...

I'm not convinced Doom deserves a spot, but if it does, where's Gauntlet? After all, Doom's just Gauntlet in 3D, more or less, and lacks the 4-player-tasticness of the classic dungeon shooter.

And if we're going all nostalgic, where's Berzerk? Why did the mediocre Juno First get a mention at all?

Where's Space War, which didn't even make "honourable mentions" despite being the first flamin' game where you COULD shoot? (Yes, they mention Space Duel, which was sort of a ripoff that appeared over ten years later!)

Some other classics they didn't mention -- surely they should have at least had "honourable mentions"?

Jeff Minter's Gridrunner (prequel to Matrix),
Most other Minter games, come to that...
Atari's Battlezone,
Spy Hunter,
Ikari Warriors,
Rolling Thunder,
Sanxion (prequel to Delta),
The recent Strikers series,
Armed Batrider,
Saint Dragon,
Hybris (prequel to Battle Squadron),
Dragon Breed,
Namco's Assault - 360 rotational goodness!
Jackal (aka Top Gunner in the US).

And they missed an entire genre with Operation Wolf and its many variations/derivatives/ripoffs...

That lot's justt off the top of my head ... yeah, I like my shooty-shooty games -- and this is from my misspent youth...

Random trivia - I know one of the guys who designed the hardware for Atari's Missile Command -- he's a Californian Viet Nam vet (who was shot 5 times while he was there!).

Made it this far? You're braver (or more bored) than I thought!

bryn said...

wow good gaming comment, fella.
but i disagree with your comment on the delectable Miss Berlin. :)

bungers said...

Nice work Merg..

SWIV on there, which was Silkworm IV wasn't it...?

Merg said...

SWIV was an unofficial Silkworm sequel (tho' the instructions claimed it was an acronym for 'Special Weapons Interceptor Vehicle' or somesuch) -- there never was a 2 or 3, and it was by purely the invention of company that wrote the majority of home versions of Silkworm, including the excellent Amiga version, "The Sales Curve" -- not the company that did the original coin-op (Tecmo, I think). There never was an arcade version, AFAIK.

So, SWIV was essentially just an "inspired by". Great Game tho' (geek bit: It featured The Sales Curve's funky background level-loading code which meant no big waits between levels, and "proper" use of stereo -- you could hear the helicopter swoop side-to-side.)

Dunno if you remember it, but there was also a SWIV 3D which I think was PC and possibly Playstation, sometime in the late 90's.

Oh, yeah... while watching TV last night I remembered one or two more (I can hear the groans!) shooty-shoot games that deserved a mention:

Datastorm - an Amiga (my favouritest machine ever, as Del-Boy would say) defender ripoff that was top-notch.

Bloody Money - more Amiga gaming, and check out the mad intro -- if you've never seen it, try it on an emu, it's hilarious. As a game I think I liked its prequel "Menace" better though.

Crimson Skies (PC) (yes, another mention -- I promise not to do an xbox-only-sequel rant tho!) - not sure if this counts, but I seemed to spend all my time shooting stuff pretty much when playing it, sooo ... and it IS a great game. I think I may dig this out and reinstall it...

As for Ms. Berlin, I think we're agreeing to disagree there -- but have you see "Gamepad" lately? She was def a lot more attractive in the Sad^H^H^HBad Influence days.

Anyone remember the late-night C4 show, "Bits" with the three birds?

Oops... another mini-essay. I really have to learn to cut down quotes... :) Can't resist, video games is a favourite subject of mine <g>

mmChronic said...

Loads more games there that I'd forgotten about (surprise!). Salamander was awesome - loved Nemesis too.

As for Violet Berlin I'd go for 'old hag with a speech defect and a criminally shit knowledge of videogames' - I still watch her show as it shows stuff - but she makes me cringe especially wwith some of the shite she spouts.

So a couple of our younger 'lads' (Bungers and Bhell13) like Violet Berlin. What was that you were saying about geronophiliacs Merg? :)

Merg said...

ROTFL. Nasty. But yeah, agree totally. I was ignoring her awful video-geme knowledge, since none of the girls I've liked/dated/etc. knew much about 'em ;) (granted, none of them had national TV shows about 'em either...).

The Bits gals actually knew stuff about video games... I remember watching it and being quite surprised that they did. Sexist, perhaps, but I was used to vid-games shows with women on them who knew nowt about the subject, so... it was quite a surprise.

Talking of Nemesis/Salamander, there was another in the series called Vulcan Venture (Nemesis 2 or 3, maybe?)

It was technically VERY impressive and had the classic gameplay intact (but with BIGGER GUNS and huge 'bosses', etc. -- I think it came out just after R-Type.)

There was an MSX (or MSX2 maybe?) version that was quite spiffy, too. Excellent music. The cart had a custom soundchip onboard.

And, of course, there's Parodius, which features almost every cutesy Konami video game character ever in a Nemesis-type game...

Oh, yeah -- no-one's mentioned the Capcom classic Forgotten Worlds yet, either... coin-op had 360 spinners on it so you could shoot in any (well, prolly 32 or so) direction. Kinda like Side Arms with a bigger budget. Coin-op rocked, home versions were too hard to play due to the lack of spinner, IMHO. Amiga version looked the part -- but they didn't use the mouse for the spinner, unfortunately...

Ah, the good ol' days... :)

mmChronic said...

I don't think I saw the follow up to Nemesis - will have to check that out.

I don't like the fact the Berlin Bint got videogame jobs purely because she was a woman - a bloke who knew as little about games as her wouldn't get the same jobs she's had. Me jealous? Of course! But it's still true.

I wish they'd bring Bits back - that was very good. Has anybody seen the dire Gamerzville on Sky 1? Worst vg show evar!

Isn't it about time we had more vg TV? Games have been trouncing the film's industry's arse for years now yet we still have way more TV dedicated to films than we do vg. Aiming at an audience older than 7 would be nice too. After all it is we older gamers who are spending the most wedge on games - I'll be buying 2 new games within the next fortnight.

Merg said...

The second Nemesis is "Vulcan Venture" and there's some screenies here on this funky "History of Gradius" site (Gradius being the "other" name for Nemesis -- Jap games HAVE to have multiple names y'know ... e.g. "Green Beret" aka "Rush'n'Attack", "Jackal" aka "Top Gunner", etc. -- all Konami games... hmm...).

There's also info on a Gradius III and a Gradius IV, neither of which I'd heard of before! (tho I do recall the former on the MSX now I see the screenies...) -- but they appear to be in MAME, so good news.

The site also contains info on a few other games I recalled but didn't mention (like TwinBee) and a few that I'd forgotten completely (like Sexy Parodius) and some others I'd flat out never heard of (like Solar Assault). Quite a nice site.

Agree with you completely again about V. Berlin -- tho' she still maintains she's a gamer ;)

I think she's still hosting Bravo's "Gamepad", but I've not seen a recent one in years (ftn shows reruns from like 18 months back -- what's the point?)

Bits, I'm afraid, is dead. It was ('sort-of') replabed by Thumb Bandits that had one of the three birds together with a bloke, but I've not seen that in a good while either, so I'm assuming it's dead. I guess I could google for info but I'm hungry atm. (just got up -- I've got some flamin' cold, coughing like wotsit, sore throat, headache, etc.)

... and after we're done with the Nemesis series, there's always R-Type 2, R-Type 3, R-Type Leo and R-Type Delta to discuss ;)

mmChronic said...

I've played Gradius III - I remember the flaming lions in the screenshots. It was impossible though - I didn't get much past that bit.

The bloke in Thumb Bandits? Was that Iain Lee? We've just been trying to remember the game show he was on.

And there's a recentish series of Gamepad on Bravo - that wouldn't be a bad show if they got someone decent on. Shame about Bits.

Merg said...

Yeah, a great shame about Bits - bit was both funny and informed, and the birds weren't at all bad either -- the did a great thing about some Japanese PS2 train game one night with one of them doing pretend-manga comments in the background.

One of them was "Me so Hornby" ... cracked me up completely.

Yeah, TB was Iain Lee. It too is no longer with us... don't think C4 has a games show now, sadly. Bring back Bits already!

Yeah, Vulcan Venture was pretty hard... great music tho' :)

I'm now tempted to dig out some of these classics... I could just fancy a horiz scrolling shooty-shooty...

Merg said...

Addendum: This just in from SRP -- we forgot the Amiga classic vertical shooty-shooty, Banshee!

How could we? That one rocked!

He also suggests some recent PC shareware jobs, Warblade and Warning Force - "not flashy but they play well". That's good enough for me... I'll have a hunt for those too...

So... that's some MAME stuff, Crimson Skies, perhaps UAE and a couple of shareware titles... oooh, play things!

bungers said...

Others that must deserve a mention include...
Xenon II
Super Parodius (SNES)
and Assault Suits Valken (Super Famicom), which I think was Cybernator over here, bhell will confirm that one, I'm sure! ;)

Merg said...

Xenon 2 wasn't bad... I already mentioned Parodius (Super Parodius is just the SNES version).

Assault Suits wasn't bad at all. Not sure of the UK name, most the SNES games I saw were Japanese versions -- couple of mates had Super MagiComs/Super Magic Drives :)

Talking of the SNES, Super Star Wars was (and sequels...) pretty funky.

Hmm... what was the SNES game that was sort of "Pilot Wings with guns"? That was cool... can't think of the name though... any idea? I'm better at remembering 8bit/Amiga/Arcade games better for some reason.