Thursday, September 16, 2004

Iraq war illegal, says Annan

That's right it's official our invasion of Iraq was illegal. Kofi Annan says any decision about what to do with Iraq after failure to comply with weapons inspections should have been made by the UN Security Council and not unilaterally. It's what we all knew but to have had it said by the head of UN must be fairly embarassing for Blair and Bush considering they tried to use the UN to give themselves legitimacy. So who are the international terrorists now?

So what happens now? Surely if the invasion was illegal like say the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait then the UN surely has to issue the ultimatum to get out of Iraq now and if we fail to comply raise a global coalition against us. Can't see that happening really but it's what we did to Iraq the first time around.

Blair should be forced to go though - he's taken this country into an illegal war and lied to the British people about Iraq's WMD capabilities. Tony won't resign as he is like the rest of New Labour and will stubbornly hang on to his position long after it is obvious he shouldn't. There is currently an attempt to impeach him but I can't see that getting him out of office. So it's either up to Labour MPs to deselect him as leader at the Labour Party conference or the British public to vote him out in the next General Election. If I was a Labour MP wanting to stay on the gravy train that is the elected government I'd be giving serious thought to the former course of action.


Merg said...

Sadly, most Americans think that the was about revenge for 9/11 with over half believing there's proven links between Al Qaeda and Iraq.

It's truely scary to read some of the blogs out there...

I was reading one earlier that when someone said America was losing in Iraq responded "only people like you say that because you HATE AMERICA!" ... so, I guess reality has little to do with it then, huh?

hypersloth said...

I'm scared because I've always wondered how Hitler could get an entire country on board with genocide. Right now, if I try to have a civilized (civilised, for you "English-speakers" :P) conversation about current affairs, it is immediately crippled by an argument of generalized hatred which makes no sense: "Kill them all"
I say, who? They say, "All those raghead bastards."
I've even heard "all those Arabs" - which is ironic, because we ally with Saudi Arabia, and we don't force our "freedom" on them for "oppressing their people"... Or it's an Islam thing, which, if you check the stats on, er... we'd half to kill nearly half the population of the planet...


I also seem to remember learning that the UN was set up by the USA, and that we conveniently gave ourselves the power of ultimate veto.

So we ran the idea of war by the world, the world said no, but whatever, right?

I wonder what history our children will learn.

hypersloth said...
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mmChronic said...

History is the story of the winner whoever that may be be.

Re the Hitler thing - the whole country went along with that maniac partially because Hitler and teh NAtional Socialists had managed to introduce almost full employment (mainly building armamaments and motorways to allow easy invasion of other countries) at a time when the rest of the world was in a very deep recession. Give people jobs and they'll vote for anything. Bush should try that one.

You can forget about rational arguments - that's harder because of the extremism on both sides which will only get worse as we get nearer the US election.

And don't worry about z/s - Merg doesn't and he's English! :)

And no that's not a signal to reinstate this - its a joke!

bungers said...

"History has a habit of rewriting itself"

mmChronic said...

...when it's lessons are not learned.

The Canadians and Mexicans had better start getting worried when Bush starts talking about lebe^H^H^H^Hliving room.

Merg said...

Well, I'm a keen observer of the US, as well as a regular visitor.

I find it fascinating how ill informed people are.

One recent conversation with an American gleaned the following (and this is for real, not me making it up for humour):

Americans are the "good guys", therefore anyone in Abu Ghraib must have been there for a "good reason".
No-one was tortured in Abu Ghraib. What was done to them wasn't torture because torture is "cutting limbs off".

The bizarre assertion that the person making the arguments would rather have what was done to the people in Abu Ghraib than have parts of their body cut off by terrorists.

Oh, and apparently I, who have visitted the USA many times, put a fair bit of cash into the economy there, have lots of friends and family there, and have loved every minute of every visit - indeed, I could easily live in many parts - I "Hate America".

There you go... criticism of the USA = hatred of the USA.

The guy in question that I was having this debate with insists that if I don't think America is the "good guy" then I am seriously screwed up.

I tried to point out that it was possible that some troops were good and some were bad but apparently, all Americans are good.

The crime (admittedly infrequently ) that I have witnessed in the USA was obviously some sort of hallucination brought on by... hatred of America?

This guy considered himself a regular working guy - one of the "ordinary, decent people".

It seems the "ordinary, decent people" have lost all critical thinking skills.

Frankly, that terrifies me.

mmChronic said...

It's a prelude to the End of Days. Probably. Eek!

And of course questioning any part of the 'War on Terror' (even the illegal bits) effort makes you a traitor or enemy by default.

Merg said...


Lots of Americans have latched onto "My country, right or wrong" without heeding the rest of the quote, "when right to be kept right, when wrong to be put right".

Sadly, they've decided that their country can never be anything but right.

That too is very frightening.

Of course, to many, this would be an "Anti-American" opinion... never mind that there's never been a country in the history of the world that was always "right", suggesting they could -possibly- maybe be less than perfect makes me one of the followers of both Osama Bin Laden and Satan -- who are apparently the same person, if some of them are to be believed...

hypersloth said...

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hypersloth said...
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hypersloth said...

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blogger hates me.

mmChronic said...

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