Sunday, September 12, 2004

Todays pile of....

- Clumsy Ninja. Very funny video clip.
- Child Shaolin Kung Fu. Extremely remarkable child Shaolin Kung Fu. This demonstrates the level of achievement a child is capable of with the proper training.
- Trepan Brain Clinic. I need this like a hole in the head. :)
- Swapped heads. Really funny pictures.
- One for ILuvNUFC Junior... The new BMW M5.
- Great office fun. How to make weapons out of stationery.
- 100 Photo's that changed the world. I can only see 28. I think they want you to buy the rest. WARNING : Some harrowing images.
- Is your hand elastic?. I got 12/12. I'm not quite sure what they are trying to tell me. :)
- Happy Days returns to celebrate the 30th anniversary. Loved it first time round but i think this sounds silly.
- Adults diagnosed with ADHD. Another cop out.
- Arnie outlaws 53x with corpses. Californians, you have been warned.
- Watermelon carving.
- Alpaga. A real fat cat.
- This one may cause some debate. Why i don't recommend Firefox. Not me personally, some guy called Adam.
- 10 real life inventions that came from science fiction
- A story of a rock climbers self amputation.
- Jesus was a Jedi.
- Targetalert. A Firefox extension.
- Just say no images directory. Plenty of potential icons.
- Darth Vader soundboard.

Thanks to milkandcookies, coolios, bifurcated rivets, and Hals links.


mmChronic said...

12 for me too. I don't reckon my hands are particularly elastic.

Re the Firefox one - I read that the other day and pretty much agree. It needs a final polish and a proper installer otherwise most people will be a bit confused. But that's them - I'm alright Jack. ;)

Merg said...

Another 12/12 here... I guess 12/12 means you're not arthritic yet...

On the subject of Firefox... some of what he said is reasonable but some... feh.

The comments are worth a read though -- some of the cluelessness demonstrated there is hilarious (such as "Firefox doesn't render .asp well but it does .pho okay!" oh dear...).

On the subject of Firefox, the 1.0 PR RC is expected next Friday currently (but this is, of course, subject to change...).