Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Welcome... the Bungers and Merg show!

Seeing as mmChronic was moaning about the lack of linkage yesterday, I'll try and sort out you all out with some quality news, rounded up from around the world today, in a John Craven style-ee. First off...

"Clerks" Clocking in for More.

Yeppers, Kevin Smith - the director responsible for the whole "New Jersey Chronicles" series of movies - Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma and Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back - has been inspired to put pen to paper after assembling a new anniversary DVD set titled Clerks X to cash in on the celebrate the 10th anniversary of his first movie. The new film, The Passion of the Clerks, is scheduled for release this time next year, and picks up a decade later on the non-adventures of Quick Stop convenience store employees Dante and Randal, who are now forced to deal with life as thirtysomethings.

EDIT : I forgot to mention that Kevin Smith has a hot wife who did a 5318008 shoot for Playboy, and the movie Jay and Silent Bob Strikes Back features the talents of Shannon Elizabeth. Mmmmmmm...


Merg said...


There's just one Newsround here and it's Merg's Newsround!

Find your own crap TV shows to steal off or I shall pen a letter to The Times AND I'll make sure FF doesn't even consider your poor CV when consider the new mangler for Newcastle United. It's all sewn up anyway, my mate emailled them last night with an application and screenshots of his Championship Manager experience.

How can he fail?

bungers said...

Ah-ha! But I never actually said Newsround I said...quality news, rounded up from around the world today, in a John Craven style-eeI might've meant Countryfile news... ;)

BTW : We don't have to bicker, just because the usual bickerers are on their hols! Maybe we should show the world that we New Linkers can all get along in peace and harmony for a week.

Did you check out this blog that's been sending us a wee bit of traffic this week. It's good. He celebrates women's Volleyball, which is alright by me. It's by a guy called BuzzCraven who lives in Indianapolis, Indiana, United States. Get yourself a WIP profile Buzz!

He's also spotted that the blogosphere is full of:

1. People who can't spell
2. People who can't capitalize.
3. People who can't punctuate.
4. People who can't write.

I'll be composing my USA political news coverage post this evening, so I might try and get a quote from one of our fellow bloggers on the other side of the pond...

I'll also try to punctuate the post in the correct manner, and I will attempt to stop using so many exclamation marks!!! ;)

Merg said...

You said "John Craven". That's close enough!

As for bickering, mC's on his hols, Dogs has been sold to some Mankhester blog, so who's left?

(I'm too busy agreeing with ILN over footy and bhell's from darkest Wales -- well, it's dark at night, anyway.)

I'm starting my letter to The Times right now.

"Dear Sir..."

Women's Volleyball. Mmm... bouncy.

I concur with the false Craven on the subject of blogs being written by the illiterate. Sadly, that's most of the population.

Hm... US Political News... I'm a bit of an afficionado of US Politics but I try not to bore everyone here with it too much. I shall view anything you have to say with interest, but the one question that begs to be asked is "why now, all of a sudden"?

BTW, I think you may need to visit a doctor. I don't believe you've mentioned "norks" for several hours, possibly days -- surely some kind of record and almost definitely indicative of sickness.

Yes, yes, excessively long replies are in vogue today.

bungers said...

The false Craven!


You're being excessively funny today Merg, are you sick? ;)

And with regards to the (lack of) political coverage, we did kind of agree to have a ban on it, but some of the stuff is too funny to ignore, and some of it is too scary to ignore. So I figure we can use it. Anyway, seeing as we're running the show today, anything goes, just so long as we continue to:

"produce a site that is always amusing and always professinally produced. I'm constantly amazed that a group effort can remain so consistent in its quality and output."

:) Cheers to <strike>BS</strike> ourmaninhanoi for those kind words, again. I thought I'd publish that here, cause it's nice to get some recognition, once in a while, for our efforts! And if you are here for the first time, check out his page, and drop him some words of encouragement - he's off to 'Nam!

bungers said...

You must be sick, I never say "norks", I use the word "tats". =)

Merg said...

I respectfully disagree -- and you'd not mentioned "tats" either, so the same observersation applies.

The "too scary" link I saw a while ago courtesy of that nice chap in Hanoi.

I've been trying to resist posting comments on various other blogs that relate to the politics of countries of which I am neither citizen nor resident -- especially a recent claim on a blog that will remain nameless (lest I publicise them...) that publishing one of John Kerry's entire books online - in pdf format - was okay under the "Fair Use Principle" and also to stop it would be a first amendment violation! I believe that too is scary-funny, although in a very different way.

Am I sick? Indubitably. Always.

I dropped by BS's blog to thank him for his kind words -- I've always thought we maintained the same level of professionalism, quality and content, but in my mind it's that the level is ... well... put it this way, if limbo dancers could get lower under it, they'd be world champions. ;)

BS is from what I know of him, a top chap, and I hope he has a wonderful time in South East Asia. Bet he doesn't send us a post-card though...

Just to round things up, I see the current rumour doing the rounds is that we shall once again be walking in a Keegan wonderland...

bungers said...

I did say "norks"!

Oh well, I thought that by adding the 5318008 link to the otherwise fairly innocuous Kevin Smith story I'd be maintaining the sites reputation for smut. At least whilst dogs is away. We do, after all (and as you so eloquently pointed out), have levels to maintain.

p.s. I think we automatically have a right to pass comment on who wins the election as it does have ramifications for our country i.e. dragging us off to a war we didn't really want to get involved in.

Interesting bit Arnie said yesterday about "it was a Presidents job to ignore what the polls say, and go with what you believe to be right". I'll try and dig it out for my politics spot later on today..

Merg said...

Oh, I heartily concur we have a right to comment on such things -- but that road is treacherous. After all, once could then start to conclude that everyone should get a vote in the US Presidential Elections simply because the decisions of the US President affect the whole world. Bit of a slippery slope, as they say.

Indeed, Arnie last night claimed that Bush went to war against public opinion -- despite the fact that at the time, public opinion in the USA was overwhelmingly pro-Invasion of Iraq in the order of something like 3-to-1 "for" -- I remember because I was in the US just before it all kicked off.

Now, granted, that wave of support was engineered, but it still wasn't against public opinion -- it's now that opinion has turned to against the whole Iraq thing -- even then, it's a 60/40 split.

It was about the time of the invasion that the humble "french fry" became the "freedom fry" in a number of places, and they started stealing our national sport of hating the French. They don't do it anywhere near as well as we do, but then we've had several hundred years of practice more than they have. Still, I've not noticed any suggestion of return the Statue of Liberty to the French...

mmChronic said...


Have I stumbled across the Guardian's letter pages by mistake?

You've all turned into a bunch of group loving hippies! :)

bungers said...

We're moving New Links to "The Moral Highground" now that you're on holiday! ;)

mmChronic said...

If it was up to you this would be the Blogspot equivalent of Daily Star so don't you moral high ground me Meester Bungholio! ;)

mmChronic said...

And Bungers previously mentioned tats in a global economy context. Is there a euphemism for jubblies he hasn't used yet? ;)

Right I'm off - be back on later via the power of steam and Stella.

Merg said...


Who's she and does your lass know? :>

bryn said...

More Clerks!

mmChronic said...

Lisa knows Stella very well thank you - in fact she's talking to her right now. ;)

Hi from E^HSomewhere mysterious(?) to sunny/windy/rainy Jamaica!

Merg said...

Easint'n, huh? :)