Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Gmail is too creepy

Now it seems like Gmail is too creepy for some people.... I love it. STFU.


mmChronic said...

/me too!

Everything they say about GMail applies equally to any other big corporation offering webmail - like Yahoo and Hotmail for example.

I reckon they are just narked because no one has invited them. If they leave a comment here they can have one of mine. PARP!

OMIH said...

just a quick word as regards gmail - if you're thinking of visiting anywhere a little bit third world and you want to use gmail then think again. I reckon about 60% of the Internet cafes here in Nam don't have browsers that support gmail.

Which all in all is a right pain in the arse.

mmChronic said...

Well I was in Scotchland the other week and managed to use GMail no problem. ;)

Are the net cafes in Vietnam the the ones that just have rows of PCs or are there some where you can plug in a laptop?

I'd be going for the latter given a choice so would have everything required anyway.

OMIH said...

Mate - this is the third world. Plug in laptops - what do you think this is - the penthouse at Malmaison?

Bloody tourists. ;o)

mmChronic said...

As you've said in the blog Nam is a place of huge contrasts and there are plenty of people running around with money - aren't there net cafes for them too? That's where you'd find me! ;)

So what are they running as browsers? Whilst in Blackpool earier this year it took me days to find net access and the PCs were crap - but they had new enough versions of IE so GMail worked.