Thursday, May 20, 2004

Test Drive a Macintosh...

The batteries are strong in this one.It appears dogs has unearthed an historical artifactGather round kids, and I'll tell you all a story...

Back in the dark days before iPod, there was this computator called the Mac SE. It used to look like this. Now you can experience computing as it once was! Wired reports on the impressive efforts of two German gentlemen that have used Java and other "modern" tools to create a website that emulates a MacSE.

Appropriately named WebSE, this site "...allows anyone, on any platform, to run a facsimile of Macintosh System 7, the Mac operating system circa 1990

You can pretend to be Mr. Scott!

Did I mention that you can play Space Invaders on it? Who said there was never any good games on the mac?!!

Link shamelessly plundered from insanely-great. Ta!

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mmChronic said...

It even has Tetris! Yay!